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Treasures of Astrus

Logo system designed for Treasures of Astrus, a creator of custom dice sets.

The Journalism Value Project

Logo and some branding elements for The Journalism Value Project, an initiative that supports European independent media.


Alsin Trading Post

Alsin Trading Post is an online apparel shop with fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons themed products designed by me. Custom type for the logo, the branding is themed…

Ethereal Geometries

Personal work, available in my print shop!All handdrawn, including the design of all the letters.

Product Collective

Custom lettering for an exclusive product owners group.


Custom typography for a media production company, with a fashion aesthetic.


Zernike Advanced Processing. Two recycling style arrows forming a Z in the negative space. A collaboration between RUG & Zernike, the colours represent their respective branding.

Marrekrite 1

Three illustrative logomarks for Marrekrite, a network of public areas in nature with walking trails, bike paths and sailing spots.

Data Scientia 2

Taking responsive logo design to a new level, this logo comes in two very differing styles. The first a detailed illustrative version reminiscent of science publications of past…


Logomark for Adequaat, a digital development and design studio. The logo portrays the programming characters / > which form a subtle three dimensional triangle ‘A’ through its negative…


Logomark for Soap7, a handmade high quality soap brand. The logo uses flowing shapes to spell out an S7 that represent washing hands.

Follow The Process

Personal work, exploration of new typographic styles, based on a quote by Adam Savage.

Centrum voor Water

A simple, recognizable C with a water droplet as its terminal.


Personal exploration of handlettering style.


Logo for an environment focused brand. The leaf forms a Z through its disconnected lines. Below is the branding and packaging design I did for one of their…


Logo design for Entheos, a company creating a wide network of solar energy. The logomark represents the sun surrounded by an interconnected network, in a digital style. Animated…

Digital Twin

This DT monogram is a more tightly interconnected combination of letters than usually seen in interweaved monogram styles, representing the connected nature of the company that deals in…

Urban Tour

Handlettered logo for a guided tour through the city of Groningen. The green line forms a flag, a route and a green G which is the colour associated…

Simian 2

Mascotte type logo for handmade custom skateboard brand Simian. The eyes and brows together form a hidden skateboard.


This logomark combines a tree and a fingerprint for a landscaping design company.

Jakowe Advies

One of my older logos, circa 2011. These two green folded papers form a diamond silhouette, as a metaphor for the work this accountant agency does.

Bjorn Baay

Bjorn Baay is a videographer and photographer. This handlettered logo denotes the style and personality of his work.


Logo for an institution that advises and operates on the issues some babies have with the bottom of their tongue (lingual frenulum). The simple shapes show a happy…

event production

Hidden music notes in the S of this logo hint towards the nature of this event production company.

Mirage Associates

For a multimedia company specializing in multi-screen technology, the diamond-forming shapes of this logomark are built up from several overlapping and interacting rectangles, with a hint of ‘M’…


Unique custom typographic logo for a band, representing their musical style.

Pension Westerburen 1

The PW monogram for this hotel is shaped like the island it resides on, which slightly resembles a flag in the wind. In both minimal and more expressive…

P√ľnktlich 2

Fully custom logotype and simple logomark for a design studio, referencing its own name with the period and hidden umlaut in the colours of the mark.


This lowercase ‘k’ logo for an office toy company shows a ball bouncing of a wall in a playful yet neat style.


A & V overlapping to form a unique shape that represents multi-display and multi-media technology.